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Virtual Arts Gallery by Monochrome & L'Ecole Multimédia

204 is all about...

A unique partnership between Monochrome and l'Ecole Multimedia


A premiere in Paris as the first space
dedicated to Virtual Reality Arts.

We believe Virtual Reality is a new medium for Art creation. With software like Tiltbrush, Artists already use VR as to tool to directly create in a virtual environment. We collaborate with worldwide Artists to showcase their artworks and co-create in-house productions. The gallery is also a VR design factory and the team would love to share the behind the scenes process and explain how the stuff are made.

VR is a buzz word with controversial debates but few people really has the chance to test cool experiences. 204 is an open space with free access (opened on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 16:00 to 18:00). You are more than welcome to visit us and experience the real media of the 21st century.



A unique partnership with l'Ecole Multimedia,
first digital school in Paris.

The 204 gallery is genlty hosted by l'Ecole Multimedia first digital school in Paris. Located in the heart of Paris near the Centre Pompidou, the school has been created in 1996 and is considered as pioneer in digital learnings. L'Ecole Multimédia is a human-sized knowledge institute with strong values such as innovation, human and proximate support and exigence. With Monochrome, we share the same passion for sharing knowledge, ideas and vision. 

As we consider Learning as the best user experience.


Visit the website of the school


204 Virtual Arts Gallery

204 rue Saint Martin 75003 Paris France

Opened on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
From 16:00 to 18:00