204 is the first Art Gallery in Paris dedicated
to Virtual Reality.

204 is a partnership between Monochrome and l’Ecole Multimédia.

Based in the heart of Paris, near the Centre Pompidou, this collaboration is a common will to share passion and knowledge with artists of the VR field and a wider audience. Visitors will be able to experiment creative experiences in Virtual Reality on Oculus Rift. We believe VR is a new medium for Art and 204 showcases collaborations with Artists and Monochrome.

The gallery is opened to public with free access on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 16:00 to 18:00.

Meet us at 204 rue Saint Martin 75003 Paris France.


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Now playing on headsets:

February 2017


by Monochrome. 

For two years now, starting at Ultranoir, Monochrome explores the different possibilities of VR creation. We start the gallery with a collection of experiments made in-house from iconic movie tribute, architectural prototypes to co-creative collaborations with French Artists: Pauline Dufour, Magali Daniaux and Cédric Pigot. We'll also explain the making of each experiences from initial concept to productions tools.


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VR Arcades.

Come and test our own ready-to-use
virtual reality arcade system.

Offer the best user experience to our audience is crucial for us.

Most of VR systems are complex to set-up, configure and use. We design a simple and elegant box to play with our VR experiences. Just take the VR headset and the content will automatically play. A touch screen will display a feedback of what is seen inside the helmet and provide a user-friendly interface to pilot the content.

The system works with an Oculus Rift.


204 is also a digital store so you can buy items created from our 3D Artworks and collaborations.

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